Welcome to our corporate website.

We are a young and innovative company based in California with primary focus on artificial intelligence software solutions.

Data Entities was incorporated as a result of long year research and cooperation program, in which we were able to successfully obtain valuable results in A.I. algorithm development. The milestones we achieved are now used to create complex, but very smart applications, which feel almost human-like when interacting with. We invite you to review our solutions portfolio for more specific details on our products.

Having a strong portfolio of universally reusable A.I. algorithms enables us to market our unique solutions while surpassing the current state-of-the-art level; it's clear and obvious to anyone who uses a computer, that todays' software is simple and primitive, when seen from perspective of human mind.

People are unwillingly forced to accept this status quo, to oversee all mistakes, weaknesses and other unintended behavioral issues of their software, as there are no alternatives and they simply have to use it. As a result, there is an ongoing global demand for products, that solve such weaknesses and are thus able to communicate their user's needs on a higher level & without mistakes.

We believe, that the age of artificial intelligence has yet to come to clearly demonstrate the powerful role it will have on further development of human society. Meanwhile, a worldwide, multi-billion dollar market that has already started many years ago, will continue to grow and be only the a of many positive side effects of such advancements.

We are strongly convincted that within next 10 years, we will see a dramatic evolution of algorithmic intelligence and we feel very proud to be onboard!

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